Tuesday, January 09, 1990
  Welcome to the Future
So, by now, everybody knows that I invented both the Fiero and the future. But few people know that I was offered the role of Marty McFly in the movie 'Back to the Future'.

At first I was really excited, and figured I could fit in a starring role in a feature Hollywood film between my desinging Fieros, crash-testing Fieros, building Fieros, and buying every single Fiero. It seemed like the perfect fit. But then some young upstart director, Zemekis or something like that, told me he'd selected the perfect car for the movie: a DeLorean.

When I heard that I was so angry I almost crapped my pants. A DeLorean didn't really 'McFly' with Corey. It took a few minutes to regain my composure and sanity, but when I finally did, I looked this Zemekis guy straight in the face, lowered my sunglasses and said, "Buster, if you think Corey's gonna drive anything other than a Fiero you might as well go flux capacitate yourself."

And the rest is history.

They gave the role to someone else, Samantha Fox or something and I went on to unprecedetned success with both the Fiero and my career.

It was such typical Corey Hart style: I never surrender - especially for a DeLorean. Ugh, just the though of a Delorean makes my skin crawl. Almost as much as on of those XR4ti things. Disgusting.

Speaking of NOT-disgusting, now that it's the nineties, I'm totally into my latest Fiero creation: The Electric Fiero.

We all know that by the year 2000 every single person on Earth will be driving a Fiero. That's just common knowledge. But what you probably didn't know is that ol' Corey's got a few tricks up his sleeve. Solar panel tricks. Stay tuned. Stay tuned for the future.

Man, I'm so glad that I invented the future.

The future is so awesome.


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