Tuesday, January 02, 1990
  Welcome to my world

If that doesn't get your heart racing, then nothing will.

Dude, when I saw that first Fiero roll off the assembly line, it was totally love at first sight. I mean , I knew what it was going to look like and I'd crash tested Fieros before, but this was different. This was love. This was the future. When I saw the sun hit the grey interior and a shimmer of light hit the AC Delco tape deck, I fell over flat on my ass. AC Delco is so radical I can't ever imagine anything more radical than AC Delco. I hear some guys talking about these new tape decks called Alpine, guys who say stuff like: "Corey, I should come over and pick you up dude. I got a new car. It's got an Alpine deck. We can drive around town and let the Alpine blast." These guys are so lame it's not even funnny. These guys are so weak. They obviously haven't heard of AC Delco. Corey Hart will never let the Alpine blast. Corey Hart will let the AC Delco blast.

I invented AC Delco.

When I got up off the floor and looked back at my masterpiece, it was such a gnarly experiecne for me. My jaw dropped so far down to the ground in amazement that my sunglasses fell on the floor. I always wear sunglasses. All the time.

I invented sunglasses.

I took Fiero #1 in my hands and never looked back. I'm telling ya, when I slipped my key into the ingition and heard my baby roar to life, my jaw dropped and my sunglasses hit fast-forward on the AC Delco tape deck so that the song sounded like the Chipmunks. The song was Sunglasses at Night by me, Corey Hart. I only listen to Corey Hart music in my Fiero. Corey Hart is the only music I ever listen to. Corey Hart is awesome.

I invented Corey Hart.

I was so totally in love with that first Fiero that I went right to all the other dealers in town and bought every Fiero they had, even though they didn't have them yet. I stayed up all night long and pre-ordered Fieros from every single Pontiac dealer in the world. I always stay up all night long.

I invented all night long.
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