Friday, January 05, 1990
  Top Ten reasons why me and the Fiero are so awesome

1. We never surrender
2. We're awesome
3. We're radical
4. We're from the 80s
5. We are both short, fast, and elegant
6. Three words: Sunglasses at Night
7. Traction
8. AC Delco
9. The name Fiero is Italian for Corey
10. We're awesome
Awesome and fast. Turbo. Corey's fieros are all Turbo, solar Turbo. But that ain't enough, that ain't enough for you, or Corey. He shuts em down, that's top ten reasons, one through ten. Shuts them down and shuts them up. Top ten times. They're all afraid of a guy in shades, in his black Fiero, or Red, tinted windows, all Corey's Fieros have shades, baby, He invented tinted windows. Tinted Turbo. At night. First offence is your last mistake. Do not mess around with a guy in a shaded Fiero.
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