Wednesday, January 10, 1990
  No Parking on The Dance Floor

So tonight, I'm just sitting there in my Fiero on the dance floor right, minding my biz, when The Hoff comes along and jacks me up on his tow truck and says, "Sorry Cor, you know we're Pontiac bros and all, but you gotta realize something chief: this is a dance floor. You're guilty of chillin' in a no parking zone dawg." I look over at The Hoff, drop my sunglasses and say, "Gimme a break here Hoff, you know I'm just maxin' and relaxin' in my Fiero, like I always do right about this time." (It was night. I always max and relax at night. I invented maxin' and relaxin' at night) The Hoff just looks at me, shakes his head and says, "Sorry guy, but you'll be riding with me tonight. Knight Riding with me."

So me and the Hoff spent the night riding around town, him-in-a-tow-truck-towing-me-in-my-Fiero style. The Hoff is crazy like that - he's always giving me violations and stuff. That Hoff - he so crazy.

I love night riding with the Hoff. I invented night riding with the Hoff.
Whoa! I had a fiero once! Whoa! I got it stuck in the crick in Toronto, Ohio! Almost got swept away, too! Whoa!
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