Monday, January 08, 1990
  Darry Hall & John Oates: Eat your Hart out.

You guys think you're so badass with your red Fiero. You think you're real poster-boys now huh? You think Cowboy boots and leather jackets mix. Well I got news for you suckers:

I can't go for that.

That's why I entered my favorite Fiero in the Grand National Fiero Competition and won ALL the trophies:

-Best Fiero
-Coolest Fiero
-Most Awesome Fiero
-Most AC Delco accessories

Then they gave me some more trophies cause I'm so awesome.

Sit on these and rotate, you smelly mofos.

Dear John,
Why are you always tryin ta be more of a presence than Daryl? I mean, we have to see your WHOLE body, when we only get to see HALF of Daryl. Face it, you are second fiddle, man. Just like Dave Stewart and Andrew Ridgeley.
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