Friday, January 12, 1990
  Cor-dog to the Rescue

You know how I'm always on the lookout for a maiden in distress right? Well, just today I came across a fair lady being attacked by doves. She'd locked the keys inside her Fiero and was in dire straits. Seing a golden opportunity to show a beautiful maiden what Corey Hart is all about, I yelled out at the top of my lungs: "Never Surrender!", swooped down and scooped her up on my Pegasus, the only form of transportation I ever use besides a Fiero. She was so happy to be in my arms. We had a wonderful picnic upon a mountaintop that consisted of the finest herb breads washed down by Mountain Dew. (By the way, I love herb breads.) Anyhow, the maiden was so pleased to be resuced from the attcking doves that she looked over at me and said, "Hey Corey, why don't you take me for another ride on your pegasus?"

So I did.

I invented taking maidens for a ride on my pegasus.
Damn Corey!
you've gone soft man. you used to be my idol. now i just think you're a big pussy. i'm never wearing my sunglasses at night again.

p.s. I'm not giving up my Fiero.

Wanna be an apostle and shit?
Corey Hart, you are awesome in a million ways.
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