Wednesday, January 17, 1990
  By far the worst day of the 1990s so far
What can I say. 1990 has been so awesome so far, but today is the worst day of the 1990s so far. Oh, I've had some bad days before, back in the eighties, but I kinda figured all that stuff would end when the clock hit 1990. There was the time when it was almost nigtfall and I couldn't find my sunglasses - turned out The Hoff was hiding from me - that slipperly prankster. Then there was the time when I stayed up so late that I lost the keys to my Fiero. Man, I looked everywhere - turned out they were in my pocket all along. That's what staying up all night long does to you. Be warned, all night long ain't for the faint of heart. But today tops all others. By far the worst day of the 1990s so far. Today I went for a drive in my Fiero and moseyed on down to UNICAL 76, just to laugh at all the suckers filling up their tanks with that vinegar. Only fools fill up at UNICAL 76. UNICAL 76 is evil. It was a nice laugh, a chuckle at first, then I gradually worked myself up to a full guffaw. A real belly laugh. Nothing gets me going like a good belly laugh at people filling their tanks at UNICAL 76. Nothing. So that was my morning - it was a great morning. Then I went and ate a picnic lunch out at my favorite windswept lookout overlooking the ocean. The breeze was blowing real hard today. So hard that I spilled a little bit of Mountain Dew on my hood. I decided to go for a car wash. So I rolled down to my gas station of choice, RONACO. I came up to the entrance and look what I saw:

By far the worst day of the 1990s so far. By Far. RONACO just got on Corey Hart's shit list. I went over to UNICAL 76 and lathered my Fiero up real good. It was such sweet revenge to those bastards at RONACO. UNICAL 76 is the best gas station ever. I invented UNICAL 76. Today.
I noticed they put "Never Surrender" on the soundtrack of 40 Year Old Virgin. It's ironic, since everyone who is 40 years old probably stopped being a virgin either during or immediately after hearing that song for the first time.

Did you invent SEX? Cuz it is AWESOME!!!
i was born this day, ha... january 17th 1990! had you met me, you´d think this was the best day of your life.
I had a fabulous 1987 Electric Blue Fiero that I drove until it died in the middle of NYC rush hour in 1999. I miss that thing! Check this out:
Hello Cory I have been a fan for quite a longtime but not that long cough cough, but when your songs I heard first on a friends stereo and I swore that I would be a life long fan , and I have been through some rough times but your songs made the bad disappear your music has saved me, and I am very ill but your songs put a smile on my face 204-952-1477 feel free to call I know your way to busy for that but worth a try and I know other people will see my number and
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