Monday, January 01, 1990
  Bring on the friggin' nineties

The clock just struck midnight. It is now officially the nineties. I'm so amped right now. The 90s are going to be huge for Corey Hart. The nineties are going to be huge for the Fiero.

Oh, by the way, if you're just tuning in, my name is Corey Hart, the heart-throb singer. The 80s treated me pretty well, but I've got big plans for the nineties. REAL big plans. Man I can't friggin' tell you just how many plans I've got. Frig, the nineties are going to be so awesome.

Few people know this, but I invented the Fiero. I also single-handedly designed, built and bought every single Fiero ever. I own every single Fiero on the planet.

The only car I ever drive is the Pontiac Fiero. It's just so awesome. It's so awesome, it's choice and it's so choice it's radical. Because it's so radical it's awesome.

Oh yeah, I invented awesome. I invented awesome in 1983.

Man the 90s are going to rule. By the year 2000 every single person in the whole world wil drive a Fiero. I will build ever single on of those Fieros. I will release another 46 albums by the year 2000. The year 2000 is going to be so awesome. The future is going to be so rad.

Oh yeah, I invented the year 2000. I invented the future.

I'm telling ya that Corey Hart is so pumped right now. You better be ready for me world. You better be ready for me 1990s. The nineties are gonna make the eighties look like the seventies. Man, the seventies sucked. In the seventies Corey Hart was still in diapers. In the seventies Corey Hart was still sucking his thumb. But the eighties were more awesome than you can shake a stick at. More awesome than anything ever before. More awesome than all of history combined. The eighties were so awesome that if you look in the dictionary under awesome it says: 1980s, and if you look under 1980s it says awesome.

I invented the eighties.

But the nineties are going to be more friggin awesome than the eighties. yeah, the 90s are gonna rock. I can't wait for the nineties. You better be ready for Corey Hart world, cause when I get my hands on the nineties, I'm never gonna look back. I'm gonna never surrender.

I invented the nineties.
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